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Microneedling and PRP

Unlock Your Best Skin with Our Code Red Facial™

Say bye-bye to scars, small lines, dark circles under the eyes, and hyperpigmentation! Whenever your skin needs a little extra love, we have the solution: PRP injections and microneedling with PRP.

Code Red Facial™

Our Code Red Facial™ is your answer to any skin emergencies. We call it Code Red Facial™ because it truly makes a huge difference for your skin. It consists of microneedling with PRP, which takes advantage of the skin’s ability to heal itself to help you achieve that famous glow we all dream of.

PRP Injections
PRP injections help restore natural collagen in the face that has been lost through the years and creates a more youthful appearance. By injecting PRP into certain areas like the under-eye area or smile lines, we increase the concentration of growth factors, which helps accelerate healing in the treated area. The injections bring a fresh supply of nutrients to the skin, resulting in a brighter and smoother appearance.





NECK & Décolleté



PRP Under-eye



PRP Laughline



(PRP injections full face)




How often should I get microneedling with PRP treatments?
How quickly after getting microneedling with PRP can I return to my regular skincare routine?
Can I use retinoids and glycolic acid before my treatment?
Can I get filler or Botox/Dysport before my treatment?
How many vials of blood are drawn for my treatment?
Whose blood is used for the treatment?
Do you use new tips for each treatment?
How painful is microneedling with PRP?
Is aftercare needed?

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