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Unlock Your Wrinkle-Free Skin!

Tired of those lines and wrinkles? We’ve got you covered with wrinkle-reducing Botox or Dysport. Our highly experienced nurses tailor each experience to your specific needs – and we guarantee you will love the results.  



$11.50 per unit

Skin Code LA Service - Botox
Skin Code LA Service - Dysport


$5 per unit


What exactly does Botox/Dysport do?
Which one is better: Botox or Dysport?
How long does it take for Botox/Dysport to work?
How long does Botox/Dysport last?
Can you work out or lay down after getting Botox/Dysport?
Do Botox/Dysport treatments need to be done by an MD?
Can I get Botox/Dysport after getting vaccinated?
Is aftercare needed for Botox/Dysport?

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