PRP Hair Treatments For Hair Loss: What You Need To Know

One of the latest services in hair loss is PRP hair treatments. PRP, or Platelet Rich

Plasma Therapy, is a commonly used treatment for muscle and ligament injuries, skin

lesions and more, but in recent years, PRP has been developed into anti-aging

treatment as well as a treatment for hair loss. Because PRP uses cells and growth

factors from your blood, it slows down the aging process.

While PRP has been used to treat musculoskeletal conditions, and more recently,

skin conditions, platelets promote cell growth and regeneration. When injected deep

into the scalp, this treatment may stimulate a specialized population of cells referred

to as the dermal papilla cells, which play a crucial role when it comes to hair growth.

PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles has seen an influx as more patients seek the

benefits of plasma therapy. As a cosmetic hair loss treatment, PRP stimulates and

promotes hair follicle health to reverse the effects of hair loss. Because plasma

contains almost five times the amount of platelets that are usually found in blood,

the treatment has become increasingly popular among women who experience hair

thinning and balding.

This non-invasive treatment requires no anesthesia and really is as easy as giving

blood, because that’s how the treatment begins. Clients who wish to have PRP hair

treatments in Los Angeles first have some blood drawn by a nurse. Once the blood is

put through a centrifuge and spun for 15 minutes, the plasma floats to the top and is

extracted. Before the PRP can be injected, micro-needling is done on the part of the

scalp where their hair loss or thinning has occurred to promote and stimulate the

healing process. After this has been completed, the PRP is injected into the scalp and

new hair growth will begin to occur over the following weeks. It’s important to note

that there is little to no pain involved in this treatment.

Following PRP injections, inflammation can occur at the wound site with mild pain or

discomfort. To really utilize the benefits of PRP hair treatments in Los Angeles, it’s

best to avoid excess sun and any chemicals that can be applied to the head, like

hairspray, hair color, and more. Clients are also advised to not take any anti-

inflammatory medicine or blood thinning medicine, like ibuprofen or aspirin, because

these medications can interfere with the natural healing process of PRP.

Additionally, clients should not wash their hair for 24 hours after the treatment to

make sure the plasma has time to really penetrate. After the 24 hours, clients can

wash their hair as they would on their normal schedule. If the site of the injections is

very irritated or painful, it’s best to try and avoid irritating it more by using any and

all hair products or excessively washing the hair.

Because PRP injections are meant to thicken, strengthen and grow hair from follicles

that are still functioning, the PRP hair treatments take time. Multiple treatments are

highly suggested for the best results and can be done over many years. Treatments

are usually done every four weeks. If you suffer from hair thinning or balding,

consider getting a PRP hair treatment in Los Angeles.