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The 5 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Laser Hair Removal

Traditional hair removal methods are painful, time-consuming and oftentimes, ineffective when it comes to trying to keep the hair from growing back. Laser hair removal has been sweeping the greater area of Los Angeles, CA for years now as the superior alternative to traditional methods and there’s no question as to why. The popular cosmetic treatment has been keeping women—and men—smooth and hair free for years. If you’ve been thinking about starting your laser hair removal journey, here are five of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to laser hair removal.

How safe is laser hair removal for the skin?

With advancements in laser treatment and technology, laser hair removal works on all skins tones. Previously, laser hair removal was more common for removing dark hair on fair to light skin, but now many laser hair removal machines can effectively remove many types of hair on a variety of skin tones. While technology has significantly advanced, it still may not be the most effective treatment on individuals with very light blonde hair. Discussing your treatment options with trained professionals and laser removal nurses is the best possible option if you’re not quite certain your hair type qualified.

How does laser hair removal work?

Is a laser zapping off your hair? In essence, yes, but what happens when you get laser hair removal is a laser emits a light that is then absorbed by the pigment, also known as melanin, in the body or face hair. The light energy is then converted to heat, which damages the tube-shaped sacs within the skin, or hair follicles, that produce hairs. This sort of damage stops or delays future hair growth where you’ve lasered. Heating the hair follicles basically stops new hairs from growing for long periods of time and with repetitive laser hair removal sessions, your hair stops growing back.

How many treatments will I need before I see results?

Since laser hair removal works by targeting hair during an active growth stage, most people tend to need multiple sessions to damage all of the hair follicles. It completely ranges from person to person but a good standard is anywhere from 5 to 8 sessions.

Can I still tan while getting laser hair removal treatments done?

Individuals doing laser hair removal treatments should avoid excessive sun exposure throughout the entirety of their laser hair treatments. People who are getting laser hair removal treatments done in Los Angeles, where it’s especially sunny almost year round should make sure to use plenty of sunscreen and avoid tanning in general to minimize any chances of temporary skin discoloration from forming.

How much does laser hair removal cost?

The cost of laser hair removal varies widely and depends on numerous factors, including where you live. If you live in an area like Los Angeles, where laser hair removal is extremely popular, you’ll likely find yourself paying a little more for the treatment. Other factors that can affect the price for laser hair removal include the size of the area being treated, the number of treatments required and the time required for treatment, what kind of professional is treating you (i.e. a doctor or nurse), and more.

While there are many other commonly asked questions when it comes to laser hair removal, when an individual decides to start their hair removal journey, skilled technicians can always provide more information on treatments. If you’re considering getting laser hair removal in Los Angeles, CA, contact one of your local laser clinics and see if it’s a good match for you!

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